330 Mile Long Range Signal Reception HDTV Indoor / Outdoor Antenna [Latest 2022 Advanced Chip], 16.5 ft Coax Cable + Built-In Amplifier to Boost Signal-White


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Stop paying for cable!

Get all your local TV channels for free. No more paying some big cable company so you can watch all your go-to networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, The CW, and more. The average person can save $100/month by cutting the cord. The Mata1 HDTV antenna receives over-the-air (OTA) signals from TV towers up to 330 miles away. Then, this uncompressed data gets converted into better audio and video quality than you would get from a cable or satellite source. It can even help find regional channels that you’ve never had before.

SAVE MONEY – Why pay for TV channels when you can get them free with the Mata1 HD Digital TV Antenna
PATENTED SOFTWARE – Optimized for maximum signal reception
BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER – High performance amplifier for ultra-high gain and best reception
NEWEST CHIPSET TECH – USA designed for advanced reception
MANEUVERABLE DESIGN – Easily rotates and optionally mountable to increase reception
INDOOR and OUTDOOR USE – Standard 50-mile antenna range and up to 330 miles in some areas. You may be surprised at how many undiscovered channels you can receive in your region
BETTER QUALITY VIEWING – OTA signals are not compressed, so they convert to clearer and crisper audio and video. With 1080p reception, you get the best picture quality available
EASY INSTALLATION – Plug in the amplifier cord, connect the coaxial cable to your TV, find the best antenna location, scan for channels, and begin watching (incluye traducción en español)
CUSTOMER SUPPORT – We offer customer support in English & servicio al cliente disponible en español
SAVE MONEY – Why pay for TV channels when you can get them free with the Mata1 HD Digital TV Antenna

Customer Reviews

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Chris Dellheim
Exceptional Antenna

After trying a few other brands, these antenna are by far, the best. I use the white unit as this blends in better with the outside facing window in my apartment complex. Many of my residents are ditching their cables and are either using internet with Free Air or Free Air TV alone. These antenna are as good as advertised. I have cable but when it goes out (and it often does) I can still watch TV with great reception.

Good antenna

I like the design of the antenna, I I think it looks better than a flat black square stuck to your window and the magnetic base is a wonderful feature. More importantly it works great and I would recommend it to my family and friends

Alisha Justice
Love this TV Antenna

I just ended all my cable connection and I was searching for an antenna that would work well and not be to out of price range. I got your HDTV antenna and love it. It picked up 60 channels and has a great reception. Love this product would buy it again and recommend it to anyone that is wanting to end the cable connections.

Kathy LaTorre
very easy to install

I have recently purchased an ultra-thin hdtv antenna. I cannot say enough good things about this purchase. The ease of setup was phenomenal. I had never thought about purchasing an antenna like this until last weekend when the weather was terrible and I lost service with my dish. I had a very important football game to watch, Go Chiefs, and had to go to another house to be able to watch it. I am very excited to have the antenna for this weekend to watch the Chiefs again during bad weather. Now there is no risk that I will have to go somewhere else to watch the game.The number of channels is great. The ease of set up is great. I received it within 24 hours as well. Its a win win all the way around!

Works great!

I have to admit, I was surprised with the quality of reception with this antenna.My picture is crystal clear much clearer than cable tv. Im happy with the number of channels I receive.Ive actually decided to cancel my basic cable to save money. I have no regrets at this point.Outstanding value, all the way around! Shipping was very quick!