330 Mile Long Range Signal Reception HDTV Indoor / Outdoor Antenna [Latest 2022 Advanced Chip], 16.5 ft Coax Cable + Built-In Amplifier to Boost Signal-White


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Stop paying for cable!

Get all your local TV channels for free. No more paying some big cable company so you can watch all your go-to networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, The CW, and more. The average person can save $100/month by cutting the cord. The Mata1 HDTV antenna receives over-the-air (OTA) signals from TV towers up to 330 miles away. Then, this uncompressed data gets converted into better audio and video quality than you would get from a cable or satellite source. It can even help find regional channels that you’ve never had before.

SAVE MONEY – Why pay for TV channels when you can get them free with the Mata1 HD Digital TV Antenna
PATENTED SOFTWARE – Optimized for maximum signal reception
BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER – High performance amplifier for ultra-high gain and best reception
NEWEST CHIPSET TECH – USA designed for advanced reception
MANEUVERABLE DESIGN – Easily rotates and optionally mountable to increase reception
INDOOR and OUTDOOR USE – Standard 50-mile antenna range and up to 330 miles in some areas. You may be surprised at how many undiscovered channels you can receive in your region
BETTER QUALITY VIEWING – OTA signals are not compressed, so they convert to clearer and crisper audio and video. With 1080p reception, you get the best picture quality available
EASY INSTALLATION – Plug in the amplifier cord, connect the coaxial cable to your TV, find the best antenna location, scan for channels, and begin watching (incluye traducción en español)
CUSTOMER SUPPORT – We offer customer support in English & servicio al cliente disponible en español
SAVE MONEY – Why pay for TV channels when you can get them free with the Mata1 HD Digital TV Antenna

Customer Reviews

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Good antenna

I like the design of the antenna, I I think it looks better than a flat black square stuck to your window and the magnetic base is a wonderful feature. More importantly it works great and I would recommend it to my family and friends

Alisha Justice
Love this TV Antenna

I just ended all my cable connection and I was searching for an antenna that would work well and not be to out of price range. I got your HDTV antenna and love it. It picked up 60 channels and has a great reception. Love this product would buy it again and recommend it to anyone that is wanting to end the cable connections.

Kathy LaTorre
very easy to install

I have recently purchased an ultra-thin hdtv antenna. I cannot say enough good things about this purchase. The ease of setup was phenomenal. I had never thought about purchasing an antenna like this until last weekend when the weather was terrible and I lost service with my dish. I had a very important football game to watch, Go Chiefs, and had to go to another house to be able to watch it. I am very excited to have the antenna for this weekend to watch the Chiefs again during bad weather. Now there is no risk that I will have to go somewhere else to watch the game.The number of channels is great. The ease of set up is great. I received it within 24 hours as well. Its a win win all the way around!

Works great!

I have to admit, I was surprised with the quality of reception with this antenna.My picture is crystal clear much clearer than cable tv. Im happy with the number of channels I receive.Ive actually decided to cancel my basic cable to save money. I have no regrets at this point.Outstanding value, all the way around! Shipping was very quick!

Great Antenna!

I just received my antenna and could not be more satisfied by the results. I had the antenna connected and was watching tv in a few minutes. The antenna helps me get several channels on my tv. I highly recommend this antenna.