Neodymium Name Badge Magnets


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Are you tired of ruining your sweater, blouse, shirt, or jacket? Get rid of those pins and clips! If you have to wear a namebadge, make it easy on your clothes. Mata1 Name Badge Magnets are a convenient and safe way to wear a tag. Just peel the quality 3M sticker off the back of the unbending iron plate and adhere it to the back of your plastic nametag holder. Then, take the magnetic bar, place it on the inside of your shirt or blouse and line up the metal bar to secure it. Pull the magnet and metal plate away from each other to remove your nametag. Never worry about pulls on your sweater, holes in your shirt, or tape residue on your blouse!

Mata1 Neodymium Name Badge Magnets

Saves clothing – no holes, no pills, no pulls, no glue
Easy to attach – peel sticker off metal bar, apply on back of plastic cardholder, place magnets underneath shirt & line up metal bar to magnets to secure nametag
High-quality materials – 3 neodymium magnets are super strong & heavy-duty silver iron plate resists bending
Includes – magnetic bars with silver plate & 3M adhesive sticker
Convenient size – magnetized bars & backing plate length is 1.75 inch, width is 0.5 inch

Customer Reviews

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John Pretesto
Magnets are better than pins

Our Senior Center name tags had pins on back side. Magnets are SOOOO much better.

Four Stars

These worked great. Our client is very happy.

T. Chancellor
taste great

taste great

They work

The magnets popped off fairly quickly but as long as you're aware and don't get them caught on stuff, you're good.

Michael Mercado

Very powerful magnet. Excellent quality.

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