250 Mile Range 5G Signal Reception Digital HD TV Indoor Antenna [Latest 2022 Advanced Chip], Smart TV Amplifier with 16.4 ft Coax Cable + Built-In Magnetic Base


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Stop paying for cable!

Get all your local TV channels for free. No more paying some big cable company so you can watch all your go-to networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, The CW, and more. The average person can save $100/month by cutting the cord. The Mata1 HDTV antenna receives over-the-air (OTA) signals from TV towers up to 250 miles away. Then, this uncompressed data gets converted into better audio and video quality than you would get from a cable or satellite source. It can even help find regional channels that you’ve never had before.

SLEEK & MODERN US DESIGN– Avoid clunky antennas and get one that will blend seamlessly into your décor
PATENTED CHIPSET – New drivers included for better system performance
SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT – Portable and easy to take with you on-the-go, only 10 oz
EASY INSTALLATION – Plug in the power cord, connect the coaxial cable to your TV, find the best antenna location, scan for channels, and begin watching (incluye traducción en español)
MAGNETIZED BASE – The base contains a heavy-duty magnet to attach to metal objects – NO TOOLS REQUIRED
INCLUDES USB CONNECTOR – USB connectors are better than standard coaxial cables because they have less signal loss, which means better reception for you
BETTER QUALITY VIEWING – OTA signals are not compressed, so they convert to clearer and crisper audio and video. With 1080p reception, you get the best picture quality available
CUSTOMER SUPPORT – We offer customer support in English & servicio al cliente disponible en español
SAVE MONEY – Why pay for TV channels when you can get them free with the Mata1 HD Digital TV Antenna

Customer Reviews

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Robert stocking

This is by far one of the worst antennas on the market, if you enjoyed the 50s getting up to change the antenna every time you change channels you will love this antenna the amplifier doesn't do s*** and it picks up nothing for reception and when you do get reception it's very sketchy at best! Worst piece of crap I've ever owned

Debra R.
Live TV During Weather Alerts

I purchased the HDTV Antenna for my daughter. Like many millennials, she decided to save money and cancelled her cable service. Unfortunately, with no cable she does not have access to live local TV. Being in Kansas, it is very important that you have access to local TV when there are weather alerts. Just last week we had a severe storm system with EF-4 tornadoes miss us by just 10 miles! No she gets Live TV with excellent picture quality. Super easy to install with all you need in the box.I installed it for her this week. It was super easy; the instructions were easy to follow and everything you need is in the box. I was amazed at the number of channels available and with quality of the picture.Now she can get live weather alerts and updates.

Another Cord Cut!

I purchased this device because I was tired of paying for expensive cable and streaming services. At this point I am really mostly concerned about local channels and this antenna has definitely given me the access that I was missing. They set up was pretty easy, however, because I have a particular Samsung TV I had to contact Samsung to clear up a snafu, otherwise its been seamless. Great reliable picture quality and the coverage gets me good content. Great price and great product.

It Actually Worked: I Accessed Local Channels

I was able to access some local channels so I could discontinue depending on Dish for local channels. It would help if the cord from antenna to the TV was about 2 feet longer.

gabriela trevino
Perfect Antenna to replace your Cable subscription

I received my HDTV antenna on 2/4/20, it was very easy to set up with my Sony TV. I had cancelled my regular cable TV subscription service and was looking for a way to get free local TV channels without paying for cable subscription. This works perfectly out of the Box and i just placed it hidden behind my TV but has windows nearby. The quality of the video is really good and see HD quality, was able to receive all the local channels and a bit more. I am glad that I made one time purchase on this and works flawlessly without any reception issues.